Nikola Jokic best Center in the league?

Why Nikola Jokic is the best Center in the league.

Over recent years the best center in the league has come down to 2 young stars in Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns, while it was a fair debate in recent years it’s come clear that neither are better than the Joker. While Towns has a career 3 point % of almost 40% (39.6%) and a career 22 ppg player he doesn’t have elite defense like Embiid and if we look at the time Towns made playoffs he performed very poorly averaging 15 points and 13 rebounds shooting 27% from 3. Towns can improve. He is a player who can roll off screens or be used for pick and pop situations, he is also quick for size. Towns is an average defender who still has time to improve. Joel Embiid is an elite interior defender making all NBA defense teams and receiving defensive player of the year votes and is the closest person in the debate for best Center in the league. He is a good rebounder and a career 24 ppg player and has finished top 10 in MVP voting.  Continue reading here

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