San Antonio Spurs 2014 unforgettable team

2014 The Spurs beat Miami Heat by a margin 14.5 points per game, the most in NBA finals history. The Spurs won their 5 title with beautiful basketball beating the Heat big 3 in 5 games. Let’s take a look back at this historic great finals win for a small market team. Click to continueContinue reading “San Antonio Spurs 2014 unforgettable team”

Is the Center position and post up game dying out?

Small ball, is it the new meta for NBA teams? Mike D’Antoni pace and space small ball offense with the Phoenix Suns was the prototype for the offense we see today. In D’Antoni first season Suns made the playoffs and in the regular season they were attempting and making the most 3s in the 04-05Continue reading “Is the Center position and post up game dying out?”

What has happened to the San Antonio Spurs

As of 07/02/20 the San Antonio Spurs have a record of 22-29. The Spurs have a home record of 14-12 and an away record of 8-17. Compared to the record they had in 2017-18 they were 3rd in the Western Conference with a 35-21 record, only allowing 97.7 points per game. So what has changedContinue reading “What has happened to the San Antonio Spurs”

Kobe Bryant – a legend, a father, a husband, a mentor

I’ve decided to dedicate my first post to Kobe Bryant, one of the best guards and NBA players of all time. I am a San Antonio Spurs fan but Kobe Bryant has my respect and love. Watching the Lakers and Spurs not only in the playoffs but in the regular season Kobe vs Duncan wasContinue reading “Kobe Bryant – a legend, a father, a husband, a mentor”

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