Best Rookie Seasons in the NBA

Best Rookie seasons

Every NBA fan loves seeing the prospects that will be coming into the league and hoping their team drafts a good young prospect, having a good rookie season is a glimpse of what these young players can do, winning rookie of the year is the ultimate goal for most rookies fresh out of college or overseas. For today we will be talking about some of the craziest rookie seasons.

Luka Doncic 

Luka Doncic was a sensational player to watch in the Euro league he became pro at the age of 15 and became one of the top prospects early on and his NBA rookie season was even better. Luka averaged 21.2 points 7.8 rebounds and 6 assists he is only 1 of 5 rookies to average 20/5/5 Luka is the second youngest player in NBA history to get a triple double, Luka ranks 3rd in most triple double by a rookie he notched 8 in rookie season and is behind Ben Simmons and Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson. Luka was undoubtedly rookie of the year and narrowly missed out on an all star selection

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