Top 10 NBA scorers of all time

9.James Harden

James Harden is lethal from the 3 point line, one of the most ungaurdable moves in the NBA is his step back 3. Harden has had back to back seasons winning the scoring title he has been nothing but a bucket able to finish at the rim and be an outside scorer. For the last 3 seasons Harden has been averaging 33 points per game and for his career he is a 25 point per game player, he ranks 14 in career true shooting % Harden also ranks 11th all time points per game and ranks 5th for 3 point field goals

8.Stephen Curry

Steph Curry one of the most influential players, for the past decade he has changed the way the game is played, Steph is a lethal perimeter shooter, deadly shooter off the dribble and off the catch and shoot. Curry is the league’s first unanimous mvp and in that season averaged 30 points per game and made 5 3s per game while having shooting splits of 50.5/45.5/90.8 making him a member of the 50/40/90 club. Curry has the efficiency and volume shooting that is unmatched. Curry is a career 43.5% shooter from the 3 and averages 3.6 3s for his career. In NBA history Steph Curry ranks 4th on TS%(true shooting) list and also ranks 6th in 3 point % and ranks 3rd for 3 point field goals, There are 5 NBA players averaging 2.4 3s per game and have made over 1000 3s Curry ranks first on the list.

7.LeBron James

LeBron is a freak of nature who can rebound, is a playmaker and even get himself to the rim and take all sorts of contact and still make it, his explosiveness and relentlessness along with his strength makes it easy for him to drive and attack the rim, LeBron has scored 25 points per game or more for 15/16 seasons straight, he is a killer when it comes to driving to the rim for a dunk or a layup, LeBron is not the greatest free throw or 3 point shooter however LeBron scoring ability has increased every season and he has improved his 3 point shooting, this along with his longevity sees LeBron 3rd on the all time NBA scoring list with 34k points. LeBron is a career 50.4% shooter, NBA career leaders for points per game LeBron ranks 4th with 27 ppg, LeBron also ranks 14th for 3 point field goals.

6.Allen Iverson

Iverson another influential player he may be undersized however AI was a killer, dribbling ability, able to get to the rim, and his explosiveness made him a threat on offense and a nightmare matchup. Iverson had 4 seasons averaging 30 points or more this also led him to win 4 scoring titles. Ai currently ranks 25th on the all time scoring list with 24k points. Among all the players to at least average 25 points through their career Allen Iverson and Jerry West are the only players shorter than 6’5 that are on this list. This just shows how deadly Iverson was and he didn’t need height

5.Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the leading all time scorer with 38k points. Kareem has one of the most unarguable moves in NBA history, the skyhook, his 7ft 2inches frame made it impossible to guard him as his release point was so high. Kareem had 4 seasons averaging 30 or more points and has 2 scoring titles. Kareem has a career 24 point per game on 59.9% shooting and shot a career 72.1% from the foul line, Kareem ranks 9th for most points in a season, Kareem entered the league and as a rookie averaged 28 points per game he is one of 7 players to average over 26 points per game.

4.Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was a giant amongst men he is the only player in NBA history to average 50 points per game for an entire season. Wilt is the only man in NBA history to score 100 points in a game, He also has the most 50 point games with 118 games and in 2nd place is Michael Jordan with 31, He also has the most points scored in a season with 4029, In his first 7 seasons he led the league in scoring winning 7 scoring titles the 2nd most in NBA history. He is 2nd on all time points per game with 30.1 ppg on a career 54% field goal% Wilt ranks 7th on the all time scoring list with 31k points. All these scoring award and record shows how dominant of a player he was in the 60s and early 70s

3.Kobe Bryant

Kobe was the closest thing in the modern day we could get to Michael Jordan, Kobe scored in every way imaginable, He was a nightmare matchup, he would score in any situation, he never looked uncomfortable in any position on the floor he would always find a way to score. Kobe has 2 scoring titles and has 3 seasons averaging 30 or more points, Kobe ranks 3rd in 50 point games with 25, Kobe is a career 25 ppg player. The Black Mamba ranks 7th for the most points in a season he also ranks 17th in 3 point field goals. Kobe is a scoring machine he is relentless and always find a way to get buckets it is what made him so fun to watch in his prime was athletic, had a good jumpshot, great footwork, great post moves and a great finisher at the rim.   

2.Kevin Durant

KD is a near 7 footer who’s shooting is almost unmatched a lethal off the dribble shooter, a great ISO player, he also has great handles for a 7footer, explosive and able to get his way to the rim. KD has 4 scoring titles, a career 27 points per game player on nearly 50% shooting and he also shoots 38% from 3 for his career. Durant ranks 12th in True Shooting % in league history, He is 1 of 14 players above 6’9 to make 1000 3s, He and LeBron are also the only other players on this list to hit 1000 3s and average more than 21 points per game. Kevin Durant is a pure bucket with great career shooting splits, great efficiency and volume shooting.

1.Michael Jordan

The greatest player of all time. MJ is a straight bucket his rookie year saw him average 28 points per game. MJ won 7 straight scoring titles and eventually went on to win 3 more after coming back from baseball, making him the all time leader in scoring titles with 10. He could do it all from fadeaway shots to driving to the rim for an easy 2. Nothing was difficult for Jordan. He was athletic, he was strong, he had a great jumper, he could score mid range, attack the rim, shoot from the foul line, had post moves, easily hit a turn around jumper. There was nothing he couldn’t do on the court. Jordan ranks 1st in career points per game with 30.12, ranks 5th on the all time points scored list. 8 seasons averaging 30 or more points. MJ is second on the most 40 points games in the NBA with 173 games and also has the 2nd most 50 point games, Its clear that Jordan is a pure scorer and is unstoppable on offense.

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