Top 10 NBA scorers of all time

Top 10 scorers in the NBA all time

Scoring is one way of assessing how good a player is. Scoring/points per game and points in total is often the most looked at statistic as the aim of the game is to score in order to win. I think we can all agree that scoring is something we all enjoy to see watching we love it when players drop 30+ points it’s a joy to watch

For today’s list I will attempt to rank 10 of the best scorers in NBA history current and past players. This definitely was a hard list to put together 

Before we start here are some Honourable mentions :

George Gervin 4x NBA scoring champion, Larry Bird 2x 50/40/90 club, Karl Malone 2nd All time most points scored with 36,928, Dirk Nowitzki 6th All time most points scored, part of the 50/40/90 club and was a blueprint for stretch bigs we see today. Shaquille O’Neal 2x NBA scoring champion, 8th All time most points scored, the most dominant paint player of all time.

10.Jerry West

Jerry West, one of the most iconic NBA scorers of all time, The only man to win finals MVP on the losing side, Jerry West was ahead of his era taking mid range shots unlike his fellow players, West for his career averaged 27 points per game in the regular season and in the playoffs West averaged 29 points per game and in the 64-65 playoffs he averaged 40 points. West had 4 seasons averaging 30 points, West ranks 5th for career points per game. He had a killer jump shot and if the 3 point line had been introduced back then he could’ve gotten a lot more points.

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