Sacramento Kings unlucky franchise

The talks of Peja and Webber falling out also didn’t help. Thus beginning the downfall of the Kings, They have not made the the playoffs since 2006 now while Kings managed to get 30 games until 2009 they also managed to miss out players in previous draft like in 2006 after getting 44 wins the Kings had the 19th pick and selected Quincy Douby a 4 point per game player who only had 4 seasons in the NBA. In that same draft Kyle Lowry (24th pick) Rajon Rondo (21st pick) and Paul Millsap (2nd round pick) were all selected after him, now yes these 3 did have a rocky start to their career but eventually became all stars and managed to boost their teams this is only the start of their draft mishaps. Now the 2007 draft Kings had the 10th pick and selected Spencer Hawes and ultimately there weren’t that many great picks after Noah you could make a case for Thaddeus Young (12th pick) being a good pick a career 13 points per game his best season with the Sixers he averaged 17 points and 6 rebounds. However later on Marc Gasol was selected (2nd round 48th pick) a DPOY, all star and eventually an NBA champion a lot of teams missed out on his steal of the draft. The following draft in 2008 after finishing with a record of 38-44 they got the 12th pick in the NBA draft and drafted Jason Thompson he spent 7 season with the kings averaging 9.4 points 6.9 rebounds and 1.1 assists, He was a very durable big man he was very mediocre a good role player, his 2nd year in the league was his best season 12 points per game 1 block and 8.5 rebounds. In the same draft class they passed up on Roy Hibbert (17th pick) Serge Ibaka (24th pick) George Hill (26th pick) DeAndre Jordan (35th pick) and Goran Dragic (2nd round pick 45). 

The following season Kings had their worst season in recent years finishing 17-65 and were highly expected to get the number 1 pick in the 2009 draft who eventually was Blake Griffin however they were given the 4th pick and it looked like the Kings knew how to draft as they selected Tyreke Evans a 6ft 6 guard out of Memphis he was a relentless finisher at the rim and was a strong force at point guard, his passing and court vision was a great, Tyreke a ball handler and was very dangerous in the open court. Evans eventually went on to win rookie of the year averaging 20 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists. The only other rookies to do this are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Oscer Robertson and eventually Luka Doncic. Ultimately Evans was most likely a good pick he was picked above Steph Curry(7th pick), DeMar DeRozan (9th pick), Jrue Holiday(17th pick) and Jeff Teague (19th pick) however Tyreke Evans declined in the next few years injuries and the play style/growth of Evans was his downfall while he was an explosive point guard with great playmaking abilities his inability to be a good shooter hurt while at Kings he was a career 27.6% shooter from beyond the arc. The kings didn’t help either in getting him a good 3 point shot and Tyreke in later years was eventually made to play the forward position and his usage went down this was not his preferred position. After Kings had traded away Kevin Martin (who struggled to play next to Evans) the following years Tyreke was eventually traded too. However after Evans won Rookie of the year and the Kings finished 25-57 and with the 5th pick they selected DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky, Cousins averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds per game his rookie year the future looked very bright for this Kings team. 

2011 draft Kings had the 10th pick and selected Jimmer Fredette a top college prospect who take the nation by storm by 28.9 points in his senior year however once he became a 7.6 point per game player for the Kings they passed up on players like Klay Thompson (11th pick) Kawhi Leonard (15th pick) and the steal of the draft Jimmy Butler (30th pick) you can even make a case for Tobias Harris (19th pick) whose numbers have increased every year since he’s entered the league. The kings needed a wing player so Tyreke wouldn’t have to play there. Heading into the 2012 draft as Cousins numbers rose Tyreke numbers declined Kings had the 5th pick and selected Thomas Robinson big 12 player of the year 17 points and 11 rebounds per game player in college didn’t seem like a bad pick however his rookie season saw him only get 4.8 points and 4.7 rebounds in the same draft class they passed up Damian Lillard (6th pick), Andre Drummond (9th pick), Draymond green (2nd round 35th pick) and Khris Middleton (2nd round 39th pick).

 The 2013 draft after finishing 28-54. The Kings had the 7th pick of the draft and took Ben McLemore who didn’t seem like a bad choice at the time, coming into the draft he had comparisons to Ray Allen, Ben was complimented on his shooting ability and athleticism coming into the draft, averaging 15.9 points and 5.2 rebounds per game in college it seemed liked a good pick however in his rookie season he only averaged  8.8 points and 2.9 rebounds and has only once averaged above 10 points per game in a season this draft class was underwhelming however the Kings passed on CJ McCollum (10th pick) Giannis Antetokounmpo (15th pick) you can possibly make a case of Dennis Schroder who has been a good sixth man for OKC and had a good breakout year with Atlanta but at the time this wasn’t what Kings needed. The Kings in 2014 draft had the 7th pick after finishing the season with the same record as last season the Kings selected Nik Stauskas another guard player who never averaged more than 10 points per game in a season, Nik only lasted 1 year in Sacramento before going to the 76ers. In this draft class the Kings passed on Zach Lavine (13th pick) Gary Harris (19th pick) Nikola Jokic (2nd round 41st pick) and Jordan Clarkson (2nd round 46th pick) DeMarcus Cousin had a 22 point per game and 11 rebounds per game season, Isaiah Thomas 20 points and 6 assists and Rudy Gay 20 points and 5 rebounds. These 3 had outstanding seasons but weren’t able to make the playoffs. 

The 2015 NBA draft saw the Kings land the 6th pick and they selected Willie Cauley-Stein from Kentucky he was a very good defensive player in college being SEC defensive player of the year and in his rookie season with the Kings had NBA All-Rookie second team honours Cauley-Stein had improvements but eventually left to the warriors however in the same draft the Kings passed on Myles Turner (11th pick) and Cauley-Stein fellow college teammate Devin Booker (13th pick). The 2016 draft saw the Kings land the 8th pick but was traded to Suns for the 13th and 28th pick and a 2 players and with the 13th pick they selected Georgios Papagiannis who was waived in 2018 and played 22 games in his rookie year they passed on Pascal Siakam (27th pick) Malcolm Brogdon (2nd round pick 36th) and also Caris LeVert and Dejounte Murray who can have as they been finding their rhythm as of recent. The 2016-17 season saw the Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans which saw Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway and Tyreke Evans to the Kings.

The kings in 2017 drafted De’Aaron Fox with the 5th pick a very good guard out of Kentucky, the Kings now had a good backcourt of Fox and Hield now in the 2018 draft saw the Kings get close to the 1st pick however with the 2nd pick of the draft they selected Marvin Bagley who seemed to be a good pick 14 points and 7 rebounds per game in his rookie year but injuries seem to be holding him back but the Kings passed on Luka Doncic (3rd pick) Jaren Jackson Jr (4th pick) Trae Young (5th pick). The 2018-19 Kings were the within playoff reach finishing 9th and were 9 games behind Clippers, The Kings currently have the longest NBA playoff drought with 12 seasons, The Kings constantly been unlucky in the draft being unable to land the #1 Even when they’ve had the worst record in the NBA missing out on top prospects even though they’ve had the chance at drafting top players they’ve passed on them, the Kings seem to find themself in a limbo, a constant rebuild of their franchise they’ve never found their rhythm. Even before the season stopped the Kings Buddy Hield who has been an excellent 3 point shooter for the past 2 seasons is beginning to be benched, 9th of March a fan could be heard calling out to Luke Walton in frustration asking for Buddy Hield a 3 point champion to be on the court.

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