Can Embiid and Simmons coexist?

The Sixers have had a rocky season. They are currently 6th seed with a 37-25 record. On the road the sixers have a 9-23 record, the worst road record of the 8 teams in the playoffs. This entire season Sixers have been attacked by not only the media but fans of the NBA saying Embiid and Simmons do not work well together and cannot win a ring. Ben Simmons 23 only in his 3rd season, Joel Embiid 26 this year in his 4th season they are a young duo who have made the playoffs for 2 consecutive years. Brett Brown has recently said “Do your homework and look at pairings that have won and when they win. You aren’t going to see many that are 23 and 26,” Brown also said. “Sometimes it takes a little bit of time.” While it is easy to agree with this statement how long must we wait

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