What has happened to the San Antonio Spurs

As of 07/02/20 the San Antonio Spurs have a record of 22-29. The Spurs have a home record of 14-12 and an away record of 8-17. Compared to the record they had in 2017-18 they were 3rd in the Western Conference with a 35-21 record, only allowing 97.7 points per game. So what has changed in the 2 years for the San Antonio Spurs to go from a top playoff team to barely even making the playoffs? Taking it back to the season of 2017-18 Kawhi unhappy and sitting out due to injury only playing 9 games that season the Spurs fell to 7th and lost to the Warriors in the first round. The Spurs were dead set with Kawhi being the future and building a team around him with 2 young exciting guards Dejounte Murray and Derrick White and LaMarcus Aldridge, however Kawhi forced his way out SA and was eventually traded to Toronto with Danny Green for Poeltl and DeMar DeRozan and a protected first round pick. 

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